Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board

“The mission of the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board is to enforce and protect the rights of public employees (state and county workers) and public unions to organize and bargain collectively in balance with the employer’s rights to manage operations as provided by law and to fairly and efficiently resolve labor disputes brought before it.”

In the center of the identity I was inspired by the State of Hawai‘i crest and its four quadrant approach. Just like in the state crest this identity uses two quadrants to represent the 8 Hawaiian islands with the stripes found on the Hawaiian Flag. In the other two quadrants I put in the Kanaka Maoli symbol, as well as the scales of Justice. The Kanaka Maoli symbol is intended to represents the people of Hawai‘i while the scales of justice represents the main goal the board seeks to achieve.

Right beneath the center is the main symbol of my identity— the hand shake. This hand shake symbolizes cooperation and mutual respect between the board and the workers.

The triangles around the center of the identity represents symbols commonly found on the Native Hawaiian chief’s ‘ahu ‘ula or feathered capes. In Native Hawai‘i these capes represented hours of work and dedication by the people of Hawai‘i for their chiefs. Today these capes are seen as treasures and symbols of mutual respect between the chiefs and people of Hawai‘i.

Identity Design