Grandmaʻs Cooking & Grandpaʻs Stories

In this project we were tasked with conducting a professional interview following all of the professional habits of an interviewer. We formulated our own questions, and were allowed to contact anyone to become our subject for this oral history book design project.


I chose to do my project on my grandma and in particular her cooking. Grandmaʻs cooking was the center of all of our family parties. Between her and grandpa they have both created endless volumes of recipes from the wide range of different places that they traveled. When grandpa passed it was a real eye opener that I cannot take the things my grandma does for me lightly. So I chose to represent my grandma in this book so that I will always have a little piece of her no matter where I go.<?br>


For the actually construction I created a book of recipe cards, with three main sections, protein, spices, and vegetables. Each ingredient a staple in grandmaʻs cooking and with it she teaches us valuable lessons that I can keep with me always.

Print Design